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Hiii Health seekers!

My name is Hannah, welcome to my page “Healthy Healing Habits”

Come with me down the road to health and recovery with amazing raw and  cooked plant based nutricous dishes, yoga, meditation and mindfulness.

Learn with me as I continuously vegecate my self on the power of plant based nutrition and medicinal herbs.

Healthy Healing Habits is more than just food.  It says it all in the title! 😉

It is:

  • Healthy
  • Healing
  • Habits

Everybody wants healthy healing habits.  No one in the right mind wants dangerous death threatening ones.

I want to inspire you to create healthy habits that will heal your mind, body and soul(starting with your bowl… :)) and our ever so precious home, Mother Earth ❤

I came to veganism a little under three years ago with a severe eating disorder, chronic fatigue, eczema, depression, rheumatoid arthritis and was uncomfortably overweight.

I no longer suffer from chronic fatigue, my eczema has completely gone, my joints are still a little misshapen but I have no pain, and I am more than happy to say I am not over weight 😀

Many people presume (I use to be one) that to have an eating disorder you must be underweight or anorexic. Let me assure you that this is not the case,  in fact it can often be quite the opposite. Ever heard of B.E.D., aka binge eating disorder? Common in 3-5% of women in America and  2% of men.  Doesn’t sound that common? What about if I said that means 5,000,000 women and 3,000,000 men? B.E.D. is again exactly what it says on the tin. It is where you binge to try and satiate your uncontrollable appetite.

According to the National Eating Disorder Association,

10-15% of all Americans suffer from some type of serious eating disorder

42,000,000 men and women

61% of American adults are either overweight or obese

197,000,000 men and women

and rising…

THIS IS AN EPIDEMIC! Not to mention the 800+ people that die EVERY DAY in America due to heart disease and stroke from poor nutrition, eating animal products at every meal and many with not even 1 portion of fruit or veg!

I started my vegan journey throwing myself in at the deep end and went straight to raw veganism. It was for total self-“full” reasons at first the ethics came next. I was desperate to relieve my self from a 6 year eating disorder which thank the lord was on its last legs as bulimia. I had been watching hours of footage online of people reversing cancers, diabetes, eating disorders and many more.

I experienced a majority of the eating disorders in a short space of time ( 3 years as a weekly thing, 3 years daily and extreme. I am very grateful for this as I know many women and men that have suffered 20+ years) starting with bulimia for a couple of years then when that didn’t work I started calorie restricting, drug and alcohol abusing and went  from a size 12 to size 4-6 in a couple of months. That lasted about a year until I decided to move to Australia to overcome my drug abuse. Then it was back to binge eating but not with purging for the first few months as I didn’t see the weight going back on. (it was winter so I always had 2-3 layers on and lived in a van so hardly moved or have much human interaction apart from with the family who’s drive I was living on) Then I saw my self in the mirror come spring and how I had doubled back in size in such a short period of time.  My body had been starved and didn’t trust that I would feed it on a regular basis so kept hold of EVERYTHING I ate. I was disgusted with my self.  I didn’t recognise the girl  looking back at me. I remember being so shocked that my throat felt like it was closing, I couldn’t breathe, I couldn’t even cry. I was examining my self to see if it was really me. I was pinching the tops of my now cellulite legs and shaking my bingo wings.  It was me. Then came the tears, I felt trapped in the wrong body.  My appetite continued and the guilt of how much I was eating was unbearable so back came the bulimia.  At its peek I was purging 6 times a day and running 8 miles on 5 tea bag green teas with no food. WHAT WAS I THINKING?? and how is that even possible??

So as desperate as I was and after searching many different ways to rid myself of this awful disorder I came across a girl known as Freelee the Banana girl on YouTube.  Freelee has had a remarkable impact on the planet and expanding the vegan community across the globe in her 9 years of being an advocate for eating as many fruits and vegetable as you could possibly care for.  I couldn’t think of anything better than to eat as much as I wanted and not get fat!  The next morning I went to the shops to buy several box’s of fruits and vegetables. This was it! I went from binging and purging 6 times a day to 6 times a month and less and less and less.

whilst on this life style I was following many of the YouTubers that promote an 80/10/10 lifestyle. For those of you who don’t know 80/10/10 means 80% of your diet from whole food carbohydrates 10% fat and 10% protein.  After doing a lot of my own research and reading books like The China Study by Dr Collin Campbell, 80/10/10 by Douglas Graham and The Starch Solution by John A. McDougall the science made sense. It felt like all of my prayers had been answered.

Then a year in it was back.  Not with a vengeance I must say but the weight started to creep back on as my uncontrollable appetite came back ( and I ate big as it was… 😉 ). From watching so many people talk about the dangers of fats (even plant fats) I had become petrified of them and had dodged them as much as possible. Sometimes not even having a 10% intake. I was hardly eating my greens and just living on fruits and starchy vegetables.  Something wasn’t right. Something was missing.  I knew I had to do more than just follow a way of eating that was working for many but as I discovered, not for many others.

My body had had the cleanse and nourishment that it needed from me abusing it and now it needed deeper healing. I had been practicing yoga on and off for a couple of years but after being asked to cater for a meditation and yoga retreat I found my inner voice/higher self/God (what ever you want to call it) and she told me that only I know my body and I must listen.  With yoga I found intuition and Ayurveda .  Eating for your body type.  A simple concept of eating to calm or stimulate the necessary elements in your body. Seen as though we are all different this made sense to me why 80/10/10 would work for some and not for others.  I still follow many of the principles of my previous lifestyle as I stick to a higher carb than fat and protein intake and still consume mono meals (a meal of one fruit) but I make sure now that I purposely consume healthy plant fats, protiens and HERBS! Ayerveda in a nut shell encourages lots of herbs as the medicinal qualities are phenomenal, routined life style (as much as possible) and mindfulness in everyday tasks.

Before yoga, even on a healthy vegan lifestyle, I would eat on the go A LOT and be talking all the way through meals not actually paying attention to what I was eating or how much.  I was so obsessed with “smashing in the calories” (say many YouTubers) to make sure my body didn’t go into starvation mode again.  I was scared of slowing my metabolism down again when I just wanted it to be on fire.  This left me with a Buddha belly very often and I was eating something else straight away before my body even had time to register that I was full from my meal.  I couldn’t digest my food properly because I was uncomfortably full and up and moving the minute I had finished or up and moving whilst finishing…

learn with me how to listen to your own body, give it the vitamins and minerals it so rightly deservs and practice gratitude for your meal.  Do you have any idea what a privilege it is not only to eat 3+ times a day but also to have the choice of what you eat?

follow my journey as I take my 3 year herb craft diploma level 1 and 2 with the Association of Natural Medicine and deepen my yoga practice with a 200 hour vinyasa flow teacher training course.

“heal your self, heal the planet”



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